Temporary Changes

As WanderWomen events will start up again after the Corona Pause, I thought I would let you know about some of the temporary changes to the WanderWomen event policies which are in place with the current Covid Recovery period, with your health, comfort and safety being a top priority –

Photo: Jo Tennant Photographs

1. Social Distancing is is place and there will be reminders throughout the events.

2. Whereas environmental awareness is one of the top priorities of WanderWomen, I encourage individual travels to the event meeting point (usually I recommend car pooling), and if you take public transport, please wear a mask. I encourage you to walk or cycle to the event where possible. For linear events the route has been amended so that there is a possibility to push the bike along with you.

3. As we cannot currently share shelter, the events are more sensitive to weather changes and I urge you to bring appropriate waterproofs and warm layers. Some event spots provide natural shelter.

4. Where usually I provide home made foods and drinks, for the time being, I would like to ask you to bring your own snacks and drinks – I will have pre-packaged, shop bought alternatives ready for you.

5. If it makes you more comfortable, please bring your own  mask and/or desinfectant hand gel.

6. Only come if you feel 100% well.

7. No passing of phones to others for taking photos – a whatsapp group is in place to share your own photos with others.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and share some outdoor fun! All events can be found on Eventbrite. Individual sessions, and Vouchers can be found here. For privately commissioned events, get in touch anna@wander-women.co.uk

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