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Have you missed being outside and been feeling disconnected? Maybe you have felt like you’ve never had time for yourself, or event felt lonely at times? No matter what you’ve experienced, Lockdown has pushed and pulled us in all different ways!

Photo: Emily MacInnes

Now is a great time to re-connect! Connect with yourself and beautiful mother nature. As a result of lockdown and what we have experienced we will see everything in a new light!

Let me help show you the way to re-connect in a richer and fulfilling way than ever before!

I’m passionate to share with you our new individual WanderWomen sessions, which designed  just for you.  Re-connect with nature, new places, find the gratitude within and receive some WanderWomen magic.

Imagine feeling the sand between your toes, lying in the grass watching the clouds, having the ocean wash over your feet, listening to the birds and silently exploring the new season with all your senses! Just enjoy being there. Without screens, phones and other demands!

Together we will chose a perfect location where we will wander. A location that feels right for you and will feel rich and welcoming!

I invite you to embrace the power of nature connection, there will be space for reflection, forestbathing, meditation, yoga play, silence as well as chats and so much more.

Social Distance guaranteed.

Connection guaranteed.

Come on an adventure and feed your soul, invigorate your body, sharpen your senses.

Edinburgh Location choices: Arthur’s Seat, Portobello Beach, Newhailes Estate.

Morning, Daytime and Evenings from 1st June.

This is your experience and can be moulded to your specific needs!

90 minutes of WanderWomen Magic. Prices on a sliding scale from £35-£55

Re-Connect with a best friend or loved one.

90 minutes of WanderWomen Magic for 2 people. Prices on a sliding scale from £65-85 for 2!

Call to book your One2Wander experience now! Tel 07816188615 or head straight to booking!


WanderWomen: We Are Back – Here is the Plan!

Social Distancing, Connection and Fresh Air guaranteed throughout all stages –

Phase One:

From 1st June – Individual ‘One2Wander’ sessions.

Group Sessions coming soon.

Phase Two/Three:

Privately booked Friends & Family Wander group sessions

WanderWomen experiences in small groups will start running again.

I am excited at running small groups again and will announce this when guidelines allow.

Check out this event Scent of Summer in August, and more on Eventbrite.

Phase Four:

Community Events will re-start.

Your feeling of safety is my number one priority. When guidelines permit, we will meet again and will celebrate the beautiful WanderWomen community around a beach fire and celebrate being alive, feeling grounded and connected.

Pop this October Full Moon Gathering into your diaries to celebrate our community again!

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