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Thanks for asking! Anna in Portobello, Edinburgh

Q: If I sign up to a WanderWomen event which includes sea swimming, do I have to join in or can I opt out of the swimming part?

A: There are many different parts to WanderWomen experiences, like nature connection activities, learning of survival skills, meditation, yoga, and much more. You can opt in or out of any of these activities. Do only what feels good for you on that day!

Q: My fitness is not great, can I still join?

A: WanderWomen experiences are not about covering certain distances, unless otherwise stated. They are about slowing down: the journey matters more than the destination. It’s not about the kilometers, miles and hights, it’s about stopping and noticing things. Fitness is not the aim, although it might help. Mindfulness is what matters. Please ALWAYS get in touch before joining a WanderWomen experience if you have any health related concerns.

Q: I know you swim in skins only, all year around. I am scared, especially in the winter months and would prefer to bring my wetsuit. Is that allowed?

A: Absolutely. You will learn how to swim in the sea safely, I will teach you about how to recognise the first signs of hypothermia, which we will want to avoid, and how to be confident in the sea, swim abilities or not. Please do bring your wetsuit if it makes you more comfortable. Especially if it’s a first time during the winter. At the end of the experience you will know how much stronger you are than you had thought.

Q: I am on a low income – do you have discounted tickets available?

A: We do have discounted tickets! As well as that, once a month, we give away one FREE ticket via the KarmaWomen Pay It Forward Scheme, for which you can nominate yourself.

Q: What should I bring to the event?

A: Please bring your walking boots, water proofs, bottled water, a small snack, and plenty of warm layers (and swim stuff, if you are keen to give sea swimming a go), as well as a journal to take notes. Please also bring a mug for tea (tea is provided). If the event is a whole day event, please bring a lunch.

Q: How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

A: Email Anna at [email protected] or call 07816188615

Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?

A: WanderWomen Events will go ahead in most weathers. If the weather forecast is severe the day before, the event host will reserve the right to cancel. In that case credits towards future events are given.

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