Sun Gazing & its Benefits

Returning from my sunrise wander this morning, I wanted to share with you the benefits of sungazing.

The sun carries so much positive energy and sungazing is an ancient spiritual ritual!

Sungazing is a safe ritual to do during the first 30-45mins after sunrise (or before sunset!)

Other than providing you with Vitamin D, the benefits of gazing into the soft sunlight are manifold:

It helps improve energy and immune function.

It stimulates healthy brain function.

It helps the regulation of your entire internal body clock – helping optimal sleep at night.

It helps with body weight through the effects it has on metabolic and thyroid functions.

It is the best mood booster and emotional balancer.

Start just with a few seconds of sungazing and get your eyes used to it (remove any eyewear first!). You will also get the benefits with your eyes closed, by the way, if that feels more comfortable!

Once you have had enough, cup your eyes or close your eyes for a short period.

It is normal to see things blurred for a while. Please be sure never to practice this ritual in the middle of the day – this can damage your eyes badly!

Enjoy being empowered by the sun and feeling the connection with the majestic light!

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4 Replies to “Sun Gazing & its Benefits”

  1. Sun gazing is awesome, but it will not give you vitamin D. 😁 Vitamin D is produced in the fat in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, which you shouldn’t look at directly – which is why we do sungazing during sunsets and sunrises – there is no UV radiation then! If you want more vitamin D, expose your whole naked body without sunscreen during the time of day that the sun is stronger. Start with 5-10 minutes at first. Use olive oil to nourish your skin, it will build up a good enough protection and you can forget about sunscreen.

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