Silence: 10 Great Reasons To Integrate More Of It Into Our Lives

Whether it’s the news, our endless To Do Lists, general busy-ness, social media, or the speed at which life seems to be happening right now…Silence and alone-time seem to be what many of us really crave these days. 

There is a lot of chat about pseudo rest lately, meaning that we think we are truly resting, while listening to a podcast, or scrolling on our phones, or worrying about a future event. This article is also talking about Self Care and Pampering in a similar way, that we seek instant gratification by being drawn to quick, external fixes, when actually it requires something at a deeper, somehow simpler level, that makes us feel truly better, more rested. 

True Silence

Here are 10 reasons why silence is an under-rated tool for finding wellbeing, and why we should embrace it more:

1. Silence = Inner Harmony

Embracing silence allows us to find inner peace and harmony amidst life’s chaos. By disconnecting from external noise, we create space for introspection and tranquillity, enabling us to harmonise our thoughts and emotions. By switching off the external noise, we are better able to practice deep listening – connecting us with our dreams, values, aspirations and true feelings.

2. Mindful Reflection

Silence invites us to practice mindfulness, encouraging a deeper awareness of the present moment. This reflection offers clarity, allowing us to contemplate and make conscious choices aligned with our values and aspirations. Have you noticed before how many people have headphones in their ears in public? Apart from the constant flow of information, stimulation and distraction, they are blocking their immediate surroundings out, disabling mindfulness and relaxation.

3. Recharge and Rejuvenate

In the absence of external stimulation, silence becomes a source of true rest. It allows our minds to rest, rejuvenating our mental and emotional energies, leading to enhanced vitality and well-being. Did you know that it is normal to sleep 2 hours more each day/night during the winter months? Embrace the idea of “Wintering”.

4. Nature’s Healing Touch

Immersing ourselves in natural environments grants us an opportunity to experience the healing power of nature. Silence within these settings aids in calming the mind, reducing stress, and promoting overall mental health: Listen to the soothing sound of the waves, birdsong, or rustling of leaves.

5. Enhanced Creativity

Embracing moments of silence opens the door to creativity. It allows our minds to wander, fostering a fertile ground for innovative ideas and inspiration to flourish. Have you experienced this before, being out on a walk, on your own, with new ideas and inspiration flowing, because you are giving space to silence?

6. Improved Concentration

Silence nurtures focus and concentration. By tuning out distractions, we can enhance our ability to concentrate on tasks and deepen our understanding of various subjects.

7. Stress Reduction

Engaging in silence aids in reducing stress levels. By stepping away from the clamor of everyday life, we can experience a profound sense of calm and relaxation, alleviating stress and anxiety. Be the odd one out standing at the bus stop who is not staring into their phone.

8. Deepened Relationships

Integrating moments of silence into our interactions can strengthen relationships. It allows for more attentive and empathetic communication, fostering deeper connections and understanding with loved ones. Practice deep listening rather than reacting in conversation.

9. Heightened Self-Awareness

Silence provides an opportunity for self-reflection, aiding in the understanding of our deepest feelings, desires, and motivations. This self-awareness becomes a cornerstone for personal growth and development. 

10. Empowerment and Clarity

By embracing silence, we empower ourselves. Clarity of thought, improved decision-making, and a sense of empowerment arise from the ability to discern our true priorities and aspirations. 

Incorporating silence into our lives can be a powerful tool for personal growth, emotional well-being, and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us, so give it a go, by simply leaving your phone behind when heading out for a walk, leave the podcast to a time when it’s not about emptying your mind, switch off the external noise, and let your inner world speak.


Silence is an integral part of WanderWomen experiences, so if you’d like to integrate more silence into your life, come along and give it a go, in a safe space of selfcare, and make mindfulness, adventure and ecotherapy part of your wellbeing practice.

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