How it works

There are several different kinds of WanderWomen experiences in small groups (max 8 women), or individual sessions:

The group adventures on offer are short wanders (90mins), Half Day Escapes (3-4hours), Full Day adventures (6-8hrs) – these run all year round, and can be booked via here.

During the summer months (May-September) , we offer Overnight Retreats. You will be provided with a tent, food, and just need to bring yourself for 24hrs of Selfcare, Connectedness and Nature!

Photo by Emily MacInnes.

WanderWomen offer an Introduction to Winter swimming in the North Sea throughout the month of September. All group events can be booked here.

Individual sessions can be either Mindful Seaswimming sessions, or Forest Bathing or Hill Wanders, depending on your needs. These sessions are on offer all year around and can be booked here.

Photo: Emily MacInnes

Dog owners can bring their dogs to special events, Mamas can bring their Babies to Mama & Baby Wanders.

I provide food and drink, seat pads, shelter, tents and a packing list for all trips.

Wandering. All trips are based on hiking in nearby nature, in the Pentland or inner city hills, or along beaches in East Lothian.

Wild Swimming will be part of most WanderWomen trips: It is where I find the best meditation, and I am a firm believer that growth happens outside of our comfort zones. Everyday Life is way too comfortable for us, and it’s good to invite some discomfort into our lives. Just for the balance. The choice is yours

Silence. Being silent allows us to really tune into ourselves, and whether it’s silent walking or sitting – it will always be part of your WanderWomen Experience!

Book your next WanderWomen Experience through this link!