How it works

Here is how it works: At WanderWomen we offer individual Nature Coaching Sessions & group experiences (head over to “Book Now”), and we also work with organisations providing wellbeing/health/mental health and community activities. Staff Wellbeing is covered by Corporate Work we offer.

Duration of experiences vary from 90mins sessions to 24hr Overnight Retreats in the summer months.

2022 Wild Scotland Video by Markus Stitz

Locations we cater for are Edinburgh, Pentlands, East Lothian (various), Peebles (Scottish Borders), Midlothian and Fife. We are always open for new suggestions.

Activities vary depending on the location –

Forestbathing / Wild Swimming / Silence & Reflection / Fire Making / Seasonal Rituals / Meditation / Movement Play / Mindful Walking / Nature Art & Connection.

Whether in a 1:1 session, or a group experience – Nature Connection and Mindfulness, Ecotherapy, Silent Reflection with Intention, slowing down enough to receive nature’s lessons and guidance, help ground a person, recharge batteries and bringing back into focus what really makes a person who they are, what drives them, and what their true values are.
By facilitating Nature Coaching sessions, we help you find:

– peace and stillness,

– self-esteem & uniqueness,

– clarity,

– your values,

– answers to bigger questions in life,

– courage to make tough decisions.

Snacks and hot drink, seat pads, shelter, tents and a packing list are provided for all experiences.

Participating women tend to come on their own, with a friend, or sister/mum. We guarantee it is enjoyable either way.

Bespoke WanderWomen Experiences

We would like to create a unique event just for you and yours!

You have a group of like-minded women and want to spend some quality time together?

Escape into the wilderness in and/or around Edinburgh and East Lothian in Scotland, step back from everyday life, in order to find connection to the self, your group, and the beautiful outdoors.

Go on an adventurous journey facilitated by Anna of WanderWomen, including mindful walking, cooking over fire, yoga, meditation, wild swimming and camping, and you will come back refreshed, refocused and happy to be alive, it will give you the confidence and skills to invite more adventure into your everyday life!

Whether it is a Hen Do, friends getting together, birthday parties, family reunions and corporate away days – we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch today and let’s co-create – [email protected]
or call on 07816188615