How & Why WanderWomen was born

Hi, I am Anna. I set up WanderWomen Scotland Ltd in November 2018, in order to encourage women into the Outdoors, and to enable them to have their space the male-dominated Adventure world.

Nature has been my happy place ever since growing up in East Germany, a locked-down country. Getting away from propaganda, Stasi spies and political control, getting outdoors meant freedom and truth, even if that meant holidaying in really basic huts, without electricity or flowing water, skinny dipping in all kinds of bodies of water and cooking over fire.

After spending my 20s in London, turning my back on nature a little, yet still cycling everywhere, having my own children made me appreciate the outdoors again, I re-familiarised myself with the feeling of content that the seasons brought, or the reassurance of the cycles of growth in the garden, or the cycles of the moon.

Disagreeing with the early school starting age in the UK, I flexi-schooled my 2 boys throughout their Primary School years, working with local rangers, counting bumble bees and orchids and doing other conservation tasks, built mandala sculptures, bug hotels, community gardens and a willow play village at a local park and set up an outdoor learning group for pre-school children.

Once it was not cool enough for them anymore, spending their Mondays climbing trees and making fires with Mama, I decided I wanted to keep sharing the benefits of nature, as well as my survival skills – and with the help of a vision board, and support from family and friends, WanderWomen was born: Offering Outdoor events in a mix of mindfulness and adventure.

Wild Swimming is my Meditation, Solo Camping is Selfcare, Yoga is being playful, Silence is where my Creativity gets birthed, and Walking is thinking & problem-solving. Cycling is getting me from A to B, and my competitive side manifests itself in going slower. I love the smell of fire and the sound of rain on canvas. Plant connection is strong, and I forage, appreciate and lay mandalas to practice mindfulness.

Photo Credit: Emily MacInnes

With WanderWomen Scotland Ltd, I would like to share with you my passion for the outdoors:

Wandering in beautiful wild places ,

Connecting with like-hearted women,

Finding wonder in nature,

Being at one with the elements,

Learning the patterns and lessons Nature has on offer,

Slowing right down,

Bringing together the joys of movement on land and in water,

Appreciating nature and the beautiful landscapes that surround us,

And watching what happens when inviting simplicity into this life, finding stillness and calm,

Helping you to reset, rejuvenate, pause and focus on what moves you.

Come on that journey with me and join me on microadventures all year round.

What are you waiting for? Be part of WanderWomen and enjoy this journey! Book your trip today!

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