About Me

Hi, I am Anna.

I like hiking, I enjoy yoga, seaswimming is my meditation and I love the smell of fire, cooking outdoors and the sound of rain on canvas when I am all snuggled up after a day’s walking, in my tent.

I am a compulsive forager: I create art from nature, I bake cakes, I make jams from everything seasonal that I can find outdoors.

I find conversation easier when I am outside, with others and myself, I feel I am the best version of myself when in nature.

With WanderWomen Scotland Ltd, I would like to share with you my passion for the outdoors: for hiking in beautiful places with everything that I need in my backpack, wandering and finding wonder in nature, being at one with what surrounds me, bringing together the joys of movement on land and in water, and watching what happens when inviting simplicity into this life, finding stillness and calm.

I am inviting you to come on a journey with me. Some of the WanderWomen experiences will require high levels of fitness, others that will be gentler adventures.

The different WanderWomen trips are:

  1. Half Day Escape
  2. Full Day Adventure
  3. Overnight Retreat (May-Sept)
  4. Mama & Baby Wanders
  5. Fresh Air Fridays
  6. Mindful SeaSwimming Coaching)
  7. WanderWomen 1-2-1

What I love about the city that I live in, Edinburgh in Scotland, is, that it is surrounded by beautiful land – hills, beaches, forests, moors, and all of that within easy reach, which makes it perfect for weekend adventures.

Come on that journey with me and join me on a microadventure all year round. I will be offering monthly trips in varying surrounds and terrains.

Tents, foods and a packing list will be provided for you.

What are you waiting for? Be part of WanderWomen and enjoy this journey! Book your trip here.

Also find WanderWomen on Facebook and Instagram, or get in touch to discuss Vouchers, individual sessions, collaborations, hen do’s, corporate events, etc: anna@wander-women.co.uk