We are on – let’s get wandering!

We are excited to be back! Here is what’s on offer in July at WanderWomen – whether you’d like to learn the skill of fire-making, or creating your own smudge stick from seasonal flowers and herbs – the choice is yours. A sea swim is always part of the offering, so is mindfulness, wandering and foods!

For the New Moon Gathering we will share intentions and celebrate new beginnings, rituals and more: a walking adventure from the highest point of Edinburgh (Arthur’s Seat) to the lowest point (Portobello Beach). We will watch the sun go down at the beach around a fire and hold space for all things new.

The Mindful Networking is an exciting new offering, a space for meaningful conversation, where movement enhances brainpower and networking awkwardness is all vanished – perfect for the shy networker. Learn some relaxation techniques along the way and grow your business idea and connections!

Mama & Baby Wanders are back – enjoy some nurturing time out, remember who YOU are in your heart, as well as carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier – meet some like-hearted mamas and relax!

Reclaim Balance is an urban night out in the hills of Holyrood Park – leave all your worries behind and enjoy the light, fresh air and some time to yourself!

Get in touch if you’d like to arrange for your own, privately commissioned event for family, friends, colleagues or teams – email anna@wander-women.co.uk

Click here for Vouchers and 1:1 adventures.

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