Helena’s Pasta Salad

Today’s picnic recipe is a pasta salad that I have learned to love through my former London flatmate, colleage and friend, Helena. It features in my recipe booklet as “Helena’s pasta salad”, and it will always remind me of her, despite not having seen her for too many years. I love making it for BBQs and picnics.


500g of any short pasta: penne, fusilli, farfalle, whatever you like.

small packet of olives

Small jar of green or red pesto

1 red onion

1 pack of Feta cheese

50g sundried tomatoes

1 pack of of rocket salad

100g grilled chicken and 5 slices of salami, or a handful of seeds and nuts for a vegetarian alternative.


Boil the pasta. Mix in the pesto before it cools down.

Halve the olives, thinly slice the onion, chop the sundried tomatoes and brake the feta into small pieces. Cut Salami and chicken into bite size slices, and/or throw in the seeds.

Mix everything and add the rocket salad.


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