Journeys and Dreams

So many new followers – feeling stoked! Thanks so much for following the journey of WanderWomen Scotland! It might be time to introduce myself to you.

I am Anna. 40, wife, and mother to 2 tween/teen boys, as well a to 2 rabbits.

Feeling super lucky to live 2 minutes from the sea, and 2 minutes from a lovely wild woodland and acres of fields, and yet only 20 minutes from central Edinburgh.

On my bike, I cycle almost everywhere, and I bring my kelly kettle almost everywhere, too (did you see the discount code in my previous post?)

Seaswimming is my meditation, forestbathing my grounding.


Have learned to love tan lines, since moving to Scotland nearly 15 years ago.

WanderWomen was founded November 2018, after crafting a vision board. WanderWomen is a manifestation of all the things that I have been living and that shaped me throughout my life – finding freedom in nature, connections with people, un-schooling my boys, always questioning the status quo, movement medicine, creativity, and nature connection.

I grew up in East Germany.

Love living in Scotland and having made a home here.

I enjoy helping women unlock what lies hidden deep inside already, widen their comfort zones and connecting them with others and themselves.

Feeling lucky to have WanderWomen selected one of the finalists for the Holistic Scotland Wellbeing Awards (category Best Outdoor Initiative).

Love seeing things grow – my boys, myself, plants, my business and others around me.

My biggest dream for WanderWomen? To grow and create local WanderWomen communities around the world, and I am grateful for all the family, friends and community around me that support WanderWomen!

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