100 Mandalas during Lockdown

100 Days! 

100 days ago was the first day of lockdown. The time ahead seemed strange, a little scary, slightly odd, restricted and at the same time we quickly saw plenty of opportunities, came up with great ideas, dusted off old projects that we had intended to finish for years. 

If you are anything like me, you look back and tend to only see what you haven’t managed to achieve. All that time we were keen to spend mindfully, exploring, and yet we felt exhausted even just getting through some of the days…

100 Mandalas later, we DO have something to look back on, we managed to connect with nature, despite the lockdown. We managed to be creative throughout what seemed to some a long boring period of anger, fear and lack of focus: We did it. 

As a community, you all contributed so beautifully to this gallery of Mandalas created from natural materials only! 

There is beauty in everything, however small it is – if you look for it, you will find it! Nature teaches us so much! 

What making mandalas has done for us:

It connected us as a community!

It kept us connected with nature despite lockdown.

We created meditative moments of peace and quiet for ourselves.

Everything in nature is perfect and accomplished, slow and has plenty of lessons for us.

It bonded us with our children.

What now?
Now that we are at the end of this beautiful project of sharing Nature Mandalas, I would like to invite the public to vote for their favourite TOP THREE MANDALAS!

There are 3 exciting prizes to be won:

3rd – WanderWomen mug

2nd – Medium-sized yellow and pink WanderWomen T-shirt

1st – A £20 Gift Code for a WanderWomen event.

You can vote on Facebook and Instagram – head over there and chose your top 3 Mandalas!

Winners will be announced on Friday, 3rd July!
Don’t ever stop making mandalas, and sharing them with @wanderwomenscotland!

2 Replies to “100 Mandalas during Lockdown”

  1. That was an excellent post! I had no clue Mandalas and meditations were so popular. I’ve been researching and reading a lot about mandalas lately. I’m interested if any of you have any other resources to provide. It appears that finding the most up-to-date information on the website is challenging. I stumbled noticed a handful of relevant websites.https://www.pranalink.com/blog/post/meditation-and-mandala/?utm source=referrer&utm medium=organic is one of the websites.The majority of the website does not update regularly enough to assist me in learning more quickly. Is there anyone willing to assist?

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this blog post! I have no other resources other than the recommendation to try out making mandalas yourself and you will see how therapeutic and relaxing it is! Enjoy!

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