What is WanderWomen’s August offering?

Make time for Selfcare, Adventure, Mindfulness and Community this month, in and around Edinburgh: Here is what’s happening –

August schedule and photo of marshmallows

Sat, 6th – SmudgeSticks & Mermaids (East Lothian)

Fr, 12th – Forest Friday (M’burgh)

13/14th – Shooting Stars Overnight Camp Retreat (Blinkbonny Wood)

Fr, 19th – Hammock HangOut (Bridgend Farmhouse)

Tues, 23rd – ForestBath & RiverSwim (Peebles)

Wedn, 24th – Mindful Loch Swim (Carfrae Farm)

Sat, 27th – New Moon Wander (Portobello)

Mon, 29th – Mindful Netwalking (Portobello)

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