KarmaWomen – A Success Story

WanderWomen’s Pay it Forward Scheme KarmaWomen works so well thanks to your donations.

You make a difference as a Friend of WanderWomen, making a monthly donations, but also your kind gesture of paying your ticket forward in case of cancellation on your part, as well as One off Donations.

Opening spaces like that at least once a month to those that could otherwise not afford to join a WanderWomen experience, makes a real change in women’s lives!

We have partner organisations like Women’s Aid, local community link workers, charities and wellbeing organisations who do fantastic work, and who occasionally send women our way, because it really helps.

Because grassroot nature and community prescription does happen.

Those women then join a WanderWomen experience and make a huge step towards connection with others, selfcare and reflection on life, that they might not get anywhere else.

We all know how beneficial being in nature can be, and not everyone can access nature connection facilitation, nature coaching and ecotherapy, because they experience barriers, lack of experience or lack of financial means.

Everyone is welcome at WanderWomen experiences and discounted/free tickets have always been available to those that asked, since the very start of WanderWomen in 2018! Because healing in nature should be available to all and everyone.

“amazing experience that changed my perspective on a lot of things. the meditation we did was the only time I’ve ever been able to fall into the rhythm of a meditation. I loved sea swimming (it was a great first beach experience for me) I really felt spiritually connected with the earth during this!” (Emily)

“What a beautiful experience! To be held in such a safe space and found nourishment and ease again within nature. Anna is kind, engaging and holds the group so beautifully! Highly highly recommend for someone that needs time in nature, time to connect, time for self! Thank you again!” (Tania)

Women who have come on a KarmaWomen ticket report a shift of energy, courage to change something in their lives, they felt held, safe, seen and heard. They made connections that last and mostly, they got a real confidence boost.

Without you – without this supportive community of women – this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you. You make a difference.

Karma will return to you.

Find out more about how KarmaWomen works.

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