Edinburgh (in and around) – 4 Unusual Girls’ Days Out

We need to reconnect with our friends post-pandemic, but what do you think of when you hear the term “girls’ day out”? Spa, cocktails, shopping? Sure, they all have their place in a get-together, but does this alone give us a chance to reconnect meaningfully?
The effects of lockdown are still impacting us and our relationships. Studies show that getting a dose of the outdoors or sharing a learning experience strengthens friendships.
So, bearing this research in mind, let’s dig more deeply into activities for a girls’ day out in and around Edinburgh that offers true, quality time with our besties.

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1. Girls’ Day out at the top of the world

Keep it simple and free using Edinburgh’s stunning, natural landscape. Starting near Holyrood Palace, you could grab a coffee on the Royal Mile together then head to the summit of Arthurs Seat where you get 360-degree views of the city. Don’t forget your sturdy shoes!

There is nothing quite like some physical exertion towards a goal together to create a sense of solidarity. Then, when you reach the top, absorb the views and find a spot for a picnic.
You are on top of the world!

2. Yoga with a fun twist

Can you manage to tag an overnight onto your girls’ day out? Zoë Young Yoga can tailor a ‘Fizz & Flow’ session for you anywhere in Edinburgh and is suitable for all levels. 
If you are from out of town or just fancy a getaway in your own city book an Air BnB and Zoë will run a fun session leaving you feeling refreshed and energised!
Expect laughter and a sense of togetherness. Just grab your Lulu Lemons and your favourite bubbles!

3. Paddle Boarding or Coasteering

Forget the city and head to the sea! The benefits of spending time near (or in!) water with your friends for a girls’ day out are endless. Consider booking an experienced guide who can provide all the equipment and knowledge you need.
Ocean Vertical in East Lothian, 25 miles from Edinburgh, offer various packages promising “inspiring, transformational, authentic and memory-making” experiences.
We dare you to challenge yourself and make memories.

4. Shift anxiety and connect with nature

With modern life re-starting at a million miles an hour, so has anxiety and work pressures. The term “self-care” has been hijacked by the beauty industry. However, the truest form of self-care is when you ditch the screens and step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to spend time with like-minded people.

The NHS advises “relaxation, mindfulness or getting outside and enjoying nature” so a list for a girls’ day out wouldn’t be complete without WanderWomen, an award-winning outdoors experience company run by Anna aimed at just that. Experiences can include wild swimming, sound baths and camping complete with campfire all with an experienced guide.

Women cite 31 reasons for joining a Wander Women event. Perhaps you can relate to Fiona’s story who details her anxiety leading her to join an overnight Wander Women experience that enabled her to find a lasting sense of calm?
Check availability here or contact Anna for a bespoke experience guaranteeing an unforgettable girls’ day out.

This list of girls’ days out around Edinburgh was aimed at opening your mind to a wider range of ideas to reconnect with your friends through nature or a shared goal. We have surely learned from the pandemic that the true meaning of life is quality time with those we value… and that could even be ourselves!

Let us know if you try out any of our ideas on your next girls’ day out!

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