Coming Full Circle – 100 Day Project (2021 Edition)

One year ago today we went into our first Lockdown. So much has changed since then. We changed, inside and out. 

We started the “Mandala 100 Day Project” as a community one year ago, and I have been thinking about what the theme might be this year.

The last couple of months, or maybe the last 12 months, I have been working on stripping back all the noise, minimising possessions, listening inwards, reflecting on what it is that drives me, that drives us as a community. 

I decided to strip back the Mandala idea to it’s simplest form – the circle. Back to basics.

At WanderWomen we love all things round and beautiful, and nature is full of circles, spheres and rounds: The sun and moon, tree rings, petals, blooms, leaves, and living creatures, there are many examples that come to mind.

However, human circles are something that we haven’t had enough of in the last 12 months: as social beings, we love coming together, sitting in circles around a fire, sharing stories, setting intentions, providing support, inspiring and being inspired.

Circles mean community, and commitment: two elements at the heart of WanderWomen. 

Circles are simple, yet they symbolise wholeness, completion. Life and death are a circular symbiosis, seasons work in circular ways, so do waves, and feelings & our breath.

A circle also speaks to me that despite all of us being uniquely different, we are all the same. In the universal shape of the circle, we are all at the same distance from the centre. We are the same in so far as we want our basic needs met, our common object is happiness, we crave to be with others, support and be supported, inspire and be inspired. 

We are all part of the circle, a naturally harmonious shape of being. Everyone is a crucial part to the gently growing circle.

Come with me as we explore this new threshold that we are about to step into – Here is to unity and karma: The circle.

Make, draw, create your circle, document it, share it on Instagram or Facebook. Tag @wanderwomenscotland and use the hashtag #100wanderwomencircles and make sure your profile is public, so I can see it. Thanks for your contributions to the 100 Circle Gallery! 

Starting today!

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