New Moon Visioning

Today is New Moon, which is calling for making your intentions heard! Setting intentions, or doing vision work is a powerful tool to manipulate the future in a positive, intentional way!

There are a few visioning tools around, but wanted to talk you through the creative and subconscious process of creating a vision board.

New Moon. Make your intentions heard. Time for a new beginning.

Start by making some space in your day and in your mind.

You need at least an hour of quiet, uninterrupted time for yourself.

Connect to your soul in a way that works for you – that might be a meditation, a breathing exercise, some yoga, sitting with a candle, listening to music, burning incense etc. Whatever works best for you.

Have a bunch of magazines ready, a pair of scissors and glue. As well as a big sheet of paper, a board of plywood, cardboard, or whatever else you can stick something on.

Once you have got your materials together and got into the right mind frame, in your happy space, take 45-60mins to simply browse the magazines, without thinking. Whenever you come across a word or a picture or a colour that speaks to you, cut it out. Don’t ask why. Don’t think about it! Let your subconscious chose and your heart lead you. If you prefer, rip stuff out. Don’t linger, move on quite quickly!

You will end up with a bunch of cut-outs/rip-outs.

When you have exhausted this part of the process, it is time to stick. Arrange your words and pictures on your empty canvas (paper, cardboard, board), and stick them down.

Enjoy the child-like joy of cutting and glueing! You are creating something that comes from deep within you. You are drawn to pictures and words that speak your soul.

Embrace it. Create your vision to shape your future.

Your piece of art wont immediately tell you what it means.

Hang it somewhere you can see it often: In/on your wardrobe, by your bed, on your fridge, by a mirror.

Let it work its magic as you look at it regularly. It will start telling you about yourself. It will reveal dreams, plans, aspirations. It will tell you what you need more of in your life. Listen to it.

Magic will truly happen: WanderWomen was born out of a vision board!

Renew your vision board every 3 months ideally!

The Vision Board that led to the birth of WanderWomen

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