31 Reasons why Women sign up to WanderWomen Experiences

  1. In order to get some time out, away from chores and to-do lists.
  2. For some time away from their carer role, looking after elderly family, or children.
  3. For some social time, as they live on their own and work from home.
  4. To meet like-hearted women.
  5. They recently moved to Edinburgh or the area and want to meet some new people.
  6. As self-care time.
  7. Out of curiosity.
  8. Word of Mouth.
  9. Recommendation
  10. To slow down from a stressful, fast-paced work life.
  11. To get inspired.
  12. To try something new.
  13. To build themselves back up after an accident, a breakup, ill health, etc.
  14. Because they have some time off work and are ready for adventure.
  15. Because they are a visitor to Edinburgh.
  16. They might be travelling around Scotland and booking genuine experiences with locals along the way.
  17. They might be visiting friends and are keen to make shared memories.
  18. They might have been gifted a WanderWomen Voucher.
  19. They are marking a special day/ birthday/anniversary with a friend, sister or mother/daughter.
  20. Trying out new self help/growth strategies
  21. Seeking community of like-minded women for lak of outdoorsy pals.
  22. Time away from Screens and Work
  23. Personal Challenge.
  24. To learn a new Outdoor Skill.
  25. To share their story in a safe space.
  26. To explore new wild places and walks.
  27. To learn new mindfulness practices.
  28. For the Breathing space.
  29. To get fitter.
  30. To get better and heal.
  31. To work on themselves.

What is your motivation for signing up? Book your own WanderWomen Experience today!

Book your own WanderWomen Experience today!

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