Don’t fear failure

…fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

Do you ever stop and think where you’ve come from, and how far you’ve come? Do you look back over the past year and think: Wow. Who’d have known that I’d be in this place now. Happy or not, it’s always good to reflect, adjust and learn!

It’s May. This month last year I stopped wearing make up. A conscious decision based on all the studies about chemicals and animal cruelty in make up, but even changing to vegan and ethical make up didn’t help my constantly watery eyes. (The reason why I stopped school runs, as I didn’t want my peers thinking I was crying every morning.), One year on, I look back and don’t miss it. It’s made my life so much easier. And I appreciate the natural look much more, appreciating that plenty of fresh air, the right diet and enough sleep can do wonders for a healthy look.

Well, and then there is WanderWomen, of course. I had no idea last year in May: It has only been 6 months since the birth of WanderWomen. There is a lot more in my life that has changed in the last 12 months, but I will tell you about that at a bonfire gathering.

Do you reflect on growth?

To keep track of where you are, reflect on where you have come from, and where you have grown, I recommend daiy journaling, or even better, a letter to your future self. I am looking forward to opening a letter from my former self on my 40th birthday lateron this year.

Where have you grown from? What inspires you to change? Who are you? What are your dreams and aspirations?

Those and similar questions get discussed around the fire at typical WanderWomen trips.

Are you ready to explore? Explore the beauty of the Scottish landscapes and the beauty of your mind?

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Anna Looking back. Photo by @Jo Tennant Photographs

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