Independent Mama – accepting difference

I recently had a conversation with a friend about this guilty feeling that most of us mamas know.

Guilt and shame about taking ourselves away, taking some time out, stepping back from responsibilities, leaving the other parent to do our jobs for a day or so. Will they manage without us? Will I be looked at as being selfish? Do I really need to get away? What will people think?

It resonated with me – I know the feeling. Many of my friends have these kind of conversations. We think the world will fall apart when we are not there.

And then there are also conversations amongst fellow parents about the deep desire to live the way we want to live. But what about if our other half disagrees, isn’t so keen on camping, or going to the ballet, should we do it anyway?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Because guilt, shame and not living fully won’t get us anywhere. Accept that we are all different, and do it anyway!

It was one of the biggest things I learnt in marriage, that however nice it is to share experiences with your loved ones, and as a family unit, it’s also super important to not expect the other person to like the same things that you like. To accept that they are into other things. To accept that they need space to go after their passions. In return giving you the space to do what is important to you. Giving each other that space is a huge tribute to your partnership! You will have plenty of time with each other and shared interests to celebrate.

Being you is so important. If you don’t want to do the things you love on your own, then gather friends around you that share your passion. Only if you love yourself, can you give love to others!

Keen to meet like-minded women? Women, who share the same fears, deal with the same issues, have similar hopes, want to live life fully?

Explore. Restore. Live your Truth!

Get yourself the time out you have been wanting for so long.

See you by the fireside soon!

A WanderWomen experience. Photo by Jo Tennant Photographs

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