WanderWomen in September

September is one of our favourite months of the year, with colours and scents aplenty, nature transitioning visibly into vibrancy, fruitfulness and a sense of change – and so are we – WanderWomen’s offering changes slightly in autumn, with offerings like Light My Fire Experiences (3rd Sept), which will run all autumn and winter – bringing you skills and resilience for the colder months.

Also on offer is the last opportnity to go camping on an Overnight Retreat on the 10th/11th September – 24hrs of blissfully letting go, reflecting, enjoying silence and peace, being cared for, connecting with like-hearted women, sharing fire-side stories and being treated to a healing soundbath in the woods. Forestbathing and Seaswimming, tents and all food/drink included. At Archerfield Walled Garden.

Up to 50% off all WanderWomen experiences with the Discount code “DaysOutinScotland50”

Seaweed & Seaswimming runs as part of the Foraging Fortnight Festival this month, alongside popular collaborator and forager Judith of Edinburgh Forage & Eat. Learn about edible local plans and seaweeds and be treated to the best wild lunch in town. Followed by some WanderWomen magic at one of the top 10 beaches in Scotland: Book now – 13th Sept.

Wind down after a busy week: Forest Friday, 9th Sept

Let me show you my favourite wild spot in the Scottish Borders: Forestbath & RiverSwim – 15th September

Chat with like-hearted women and get advice from a holistic menopause coach at Perimenopause Wander with Angie of Menopause done Naturally. – 17th Sept

Celebrate the change of season at Portobello Beach – Fire jumping ritual included at Autumn Equinox Celebration – Fr, 23rd Sept

Set intentions for the coming month: New Moon Wander – 25th Sept

Meet fellow women with business ideas, share challenges and come away inspired, motivated and connected: Mindful Netwalking – 27th September

WanderWomen, the Selfcare Revolution: Mindfulness, Adventure, Ecotherapy and Community – www.wander-women.co.uk

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