If I Was An Animal…

Hi – I am Anna, and if you have kids, you will maybe know the game of “What’s your favourite animal?” – well, I think it’s quite a nice extension of the game and ask the why…so if you ask me which animal I’d like to be and associate with the mosts, it’s two animals…number one: donkey. Number two: an albatross.

Looking at the attributes that come with these animals might help you understand a little bit more about myself –

Donkeys are more stoical in their behaviour and tend to startle less than horses. Compared to horses, donkeys show limited fear response to novel situations and this can be mistaken for stubbornness rather than fear. donkeys widely symbolize hard work, determination, and good manners. Although some see donkeys as unintelligent animals, this perspective is wrong and unfair.

Donkeys to me are the connection to earth, grounded and they know what they want.

Albatross have the largest wingspan among any bird species. Albatross uses their massive wingspan to travel long distances without using their muscles. They perform specialised gliding techniques in order to minimize the use of muscles and energy. They can glide for hours without resting or flapping their wings.

With the albatross, you can never get lost, because this bird is like a living compass. It always knows which way is the right path. Thus it is a great guide when you feel a bit lost.

The albatross’s symbolic meaning is freedom, good fortune, aeromancy, finding direction, emotive, introspection, travel, and weather divination.

Travelling far distances, closely linked to the elements of air and water, the albatross always returns home and is a loyal partner.

Maybe this silly fun bit of nature connection inspires you to have a think about what animal you feel linked to. Maybe it let’s you have a peek into who I am.

What is the animal you associate with? Let me know!

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