WanderWomen in October

Exciting new things are coming! I find autumn is a time of year for reflection and new beginnings – do you feel that? Opportunities, fresh starts, and so much more!

We might be losing day light, but that’s no reason not to go out!

Offering day light opportunities to commit to outside time, to selfcare and reflection opportunity, WanderWomen would like you to stay active, fit and well!

Come and be introduced to the sea and try out Winter swimming! Some spaces still left for the Friday, 4th October session!

With Fresh & Fearless Fridays – a morning outside, meeting like-hearted women, pushing boundaries of comfort, you will come back with a cup refilled, and happy to be alive.

At Vitamin D Wednesdays, starting at the end of this month, you will not only tank up some much needed Vitamin D (sunshine, wind burn, however way you want to call it), but also learn some survival skills in a playful way, giving you an energy boost in the middle of the week.

Mamas – October is a start of something special for you! With Mama & Baby Wanders (Mon/Tues/Thu), we will get you and baby outside in the darker season, make sure you look after yourself, when you are giving so much to the little person close to your heart. Rediscover what it means to be YOU. Be led and cared for, and connect with other outdoor mamas!

A Full Day Adventure is on the schedule for those seeking a whole day of breaking out of their routines, getting wind swept, cleansed and find awe and wonder in the beautiful beaches of East Lothian, watching the wild geese, learning about and from them, and being one with nature: Wild Geese.

See you all soon!

Selfcare, living fully, pushing boundaries, getting out of your comfort zone in a safe place – all bookings here!

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