German Autumn Apple Cake


5 big apples

For dough:

500g Flour

100g sugar

80g margarine or butter


30g vanilla sugar

250ml milk

30g dry yeast

(I add a spoonful of my sourdough mix and heaps of love)

Mix and knead all ingredients in a big bowl and leave it somewhere warm for 90mins.

In the meantime skin apples (keep the skin to make apple cider vinegar! Ask me for a recipe here if you wish to make!)

Core and cut apples into small slices.

After the 90mins, roll out the dough onto greased and lined baking trays (I usually end up with enough for 2 trays), lay the apple slices in tight rows, all overlapping slighly.

For the top (Streusel):

400g flour

250g butter or margerine

200g sugar


knead this mass until loosely mixed and spread over the apples.

Then bake at 180 degrees for 30mins. Enjoy!

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