I love you!

And I know you love my Kelly Kettle and also my Yogi Oil.

Just for you, I partnered up with the above companies, and got you some discounts!

To get your own Kelly Kettle, head over to www.kellykettle.com and receive 10% off until the end of May 2019, using the code wanderwomen10

I love my Kelly Kettle.

“yogi oils are organic handmade essential oil based products to ignite your senses and assist in your practise, on and off the mat. each oil has been specially selected using inspiration from the elements, the movements of the seasons and mother nature. blended to assist you in finding balance and harmony as you flow through life”

On WanderWomen experiences we use Yogi Oil Earth Mist to deepen our meditation, ground ourselves and focus on our breaths more.

And because I know how much you love this oil blend, I have teamed up with my friend Katrino over at Yogi Oils to get you a little discount on any purchases you make with @Yogi Oils!

When you head to www.yogioils.co.uk to make a purchase, use the Discount Code ‘wanderwomen’ and get 15% off your entire order!

Ground yourself with YogiOils!

You’re welcome!

To book your WanderWomen experience, head over here:

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