Corporate Team Day Out – Q&A

Q: What need was there that you hoped to fulfill with a WanderWomen experience for your team?

A: I hoped to get the team together after many months working remotely, supporting others (we are the people team in our business) and I wanted to regain human connection.

Q: What did you expect for your team to happen?

A: I hoped we’d take time out to stop, reflect, connect with nature and ourselves.

Nucleus HR team

Q: What reservations did you have?

A: None! I was completely open to the experience and so were the team.

Q: How did you feel during and after the experience?

A: Energised, refreshed and reconnected. It was wonderful to be together again to talk about what was going on for us at a deeper level and to experience something new.

Meditation mode

Q: What would you say to your colleagues and other team leaders about your experience?

A: This is a fantastic experience that will bring humanity back into the workplace. This is something we have all been missing throughout COVID and I’d highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for this!

Thank you for the feedback, Kirsty, Head of HR, Nucleus Financial

To book your own Team Day Out, email [email protected].

Mixed groups wecome.

Covid-safe procedures in place.

Options currently are Corporate Connection Days (One Off/Semi-regularly), or Staff Wellbeing Wanders (weekly or monthly, commissioned by you!)

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