Winter Swimming

I was (re-)introduced to sea swimming in September many year ago, it was my birthday. I was given a woolly hat by my friend, and she swam around the yellow pole with me. After feeling nervous, scared and unsure, I ended up feeling new born, happy, invigorated and on top of the world. Like I had grown a new thick skin.

She left the country shortly after and gifted me a handful of keen swimmers to keep me company. That first winter I went into the sea every day, chasing the daily natural high that would carry me through the rest of the day, slowly building on the small swimming community I had. Now, this little shoal of swimmers has grown. A lot, over the years. Within the last 10 months, I have introduced many WanderWomen participants to the sea, as part of the trips and experiences I offer.

Encouraged by the gratefulness, and happiness that has rippled far and wide, with the many introductions to sea swimming, and with September right around the corner, I was keen to re-start the whole cycle of the seasons, offering Introduction to Seaswimming sessions.

September is the month when the North Sea is at its warmest at around 15 degrees. Temperatures will gradually drop to around 3/4 degrees in March, which is when it is coldest. And you can do it, and swim through it all, promised!

I didn’t think it would be the massive success as it turned out to be. I now have five sold out events, with a new one added on Sat, 21st September.

My mind is blown by how many women are keen to give it a go. In September, in a save space, surrounded by women, all as vulnerable and brave as the women next to them.

Being exposed to the elements, leaving the egos behind, ready to be shocked and humbled by the big, cold blue, feeling the natural high alongside a pod of newly-born mermaids, the community, the shared encouragement is what we are all after.

Delighted to be able to share my passion for this instant mood booster, that doesn’t even really require strong swimming skills, I look forward to forming many little groups that will then empower each other to keep going through the winter. To try out new things, meet new people, and kick the Scottish Winter’s darkness and harshness in the butt, together.

Woolly hats provided, as well as hot tea and a bonfire at the beach.

Come as you are. No extensive kits required, just a swimsuit, towel, and plenty of layers. We will warm up with laughter and by the warm fireside.

However, if you are keen to purchase a good bit of ethical kit from a British company that is passionate about empowering open water swimmers of all abilities to push thir personal boundaries, head over to Selkie Swim Co., and enjoy a 20% off your purchase with the discount code WANDERWOMAN20

Some spaces left for “Introduction to Winter Swimming” on the 21st September. Book here.

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