5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I started swimming in the sea daily

  1. Firstly, sea swimming isn’t about physical strength to me, but more about mental strength. We often make up excuses about so many things that we don’t want to do. In the case of seaswimming those might be: it’s too cold, it will make me ill, not feeling like it today, I am not a strong enough swimmer, I am not ready for this, I will wait for a warmer season, etc. But: Believe in yourself! It will help you build mental fortitude, you will ignite an inner fire, and it will make you fit, healthy and glowing! You are stronger than you think!
  2. You can catch little fish with your swimming costume, you will experience phenomenons like “Sandy boobs” and “crusty bobble hats”. Come try it and you will be able to identify with those hilarious side effects of sea swimming!
  3. A very special bond happens with people you swim with! The sea is a great leveller, not just because you get undressed with strangers by the seaside will it make them great friends. But seriously: it will make you realise that we are all the same: vulnerable, and striving for love and happiness, bursting with life. All of us!
  4. Sea Swimming is the best medicine for the Ego. The sea is powerful, strong, gently and humbling at the same time. Being submerged in it puts everything into perspective, puts everything right.
  5. Sea swimming is not a sport. Going into nature is slowing down, not speeding up. It’s a type of meditation, perfect for those who can’t sit still, and are searching for an instant high! Nothing else makes me focus on my breath so much, relax so much, feel my body, forget the time. And best of all, whatever worries I might have carried into the sea, you will always come out happy and feeling on top of the world.
Photo: Jo Tennant Photographs

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