Mama & Baby Wanders

Until now, WanderWomen Wanders have been about opportunities to get away on your own, create space just for you – leaving behind duties, work, parenthood, to do lists, and just be…on your own, within a save circle of like-hearted women.

Due to high demand, WanderWomen is now offering Mama & Baby Wanders, too. Opportunities for Mamas, carrying their babies, to be led through some stunning landscape, guided through reflection and meditation, some bonding with their babies, getting out of the house on the darker days, as well as connecting with women in the same situation.

During the winter months, it it so easy to get stuck inside, with little one, so we are creating space to get moving, breathe some deep breaths, share stories, and end up feeling alive and connected.

Starting bi-monthly, for mamas and babies up to 3 years old (have to be carried in a babycarrier!)

Mama with baby in Baby carrier

Keep your eyes peeled for Mama & Baby Wanders coming up in October and November!

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