Silence & Stillness

Silence and Stillness are a big element of WanderWomen experiences.

Be Still.

For some women it’s a welcome relief to not have to engage in meaningless small talk with strangers, but to fully be present, listening to their inner world, getting closer to what drives, inspires and motivates them, getting to knowthemselves on a level of needs and wants. Seeing the bigger picture, and also their own truth.

Silence and being still also triggers release in us – the invitation to be still, to not engage in distractions, to stop the monkey mind and focus on what really matters. In a busy world, where information overload happens at high speed, where we don’t take the time to listen to that silent scream inside of us, where we run from what needs to be addressed…that’s where silence can lead to a release of emotions, tears of being faced with uncomfortable reality.

What is an invitation to be silent to you: relief or release?

For some presence, stillness and deep listening, book your WanderWomen experience now.

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