Parents, bring calm & connection to your home this Christmas

Christmas is often talked to as the most wonderful time of the year, but it can sometimes feel like the most frantic time of the year, especially for parents.

Your little one is exhausted

There’s so much build up and excitement around Christmas, by the time the big day comes, most children are wiped out. It’s hard to have a fun day when it feels like your little one is acting up or melting down because they’re so tired.

Emotions are running high

Your little one is over excited. Their expectations of Christmas are sky high. And with high expectations, comes the risk of big disappointment. Dealing with intense emotions like this is tough as a child and as a parent.

Too busy to feel connected to your child

The lead up to Christmas can be so busy, you’re rushing around getting the gifts, decorations and food ready. It feels like your life should look like a Christmas movie but you’re not actually feeling connected to your little one.

It’s time to bring more calm and connection into your home this Christmas.

You can make it happen with quick and easy mindfulness Christmas activities for children.
Our friends at Wee Seeds have put together a free 12 Days of Calm Christmas guide, packed with prompts for easy things you can do to connect with your little one and help them (and you) feel calm.

Spending mindful times outside with your child

It’s ideal for children aged 3-8.

Download your 12 Days of Calm Christmas prompts by Wee Seeds now.
Find out more about mindfulness for mini-minds at

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