Body & Mind Benefits of Camping

Whether you are in urgent need of a change of scene, a change of pace, or whether you are working through health challenges and are keen to integrate some more movement, excitement and wildness into your life, the WanderWomen Overnight Camping Retreats offer it all.

Here are a few of the benefits for body, mind and soul of joining us for a 24hr Camping session this summer…

  • Spending 24hours outside, surrounded by beautiful wild spaces, greens and other seasonal colours in the flora and fauna around you, as well as in the stunning Scottish landscape, away from screens, to-do-lists and other chores will revitalise you and your brain will thank you, too! Unplug and enjoy the simple things in life – nature, the seasons, and noticing the little things. Peace and quiet guaranteed.
  • More Movement – Camping is something quite physical. In a good way. And so different to being static at a desk, or doing whatever else keeps you busy during your average week. You will automatically get more exercise.
  • Stress Reduction – being outside is proven to improve your mental state and wellbeing. It enables you to leave worries behind and gain a different perspective on life: Seeing the bigger picture. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, moving your body and being with like-hearted women is the best thing to battle stress conditions! Improve Mental Health, reduce anxiety, improve your mood and increase happiness.
  • Improved sleep – not just are you unplugging from screens and “blue” light emission, which interferes with restful sleep, but you are surrounded by softer, more natural light (think sunset and bonfire), and as a result your circadian rythm will get a good re-set.
  • Vitamin D boost – Sunshine and fresh air will provide you with a Vitamin D top up that will benefit your bone health, as well as other physical functions. Being outdoors from dusk til dawn will also give you a healthy glow. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid burning.
  • Being in the Moment and have better relationships – camping is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation, and noticing how it improves your mood and wellbeing. Noticing birdsong, smelling plants and trees, feeling the wind in your hair, noticing achy legs after a long walk, or tiredness – all of those will lead you to more intentional actions, and the results have been proven to be positive. Not being distracted by mobile phones will also help you lead better conversations, make new friends and tune into your own needs at the same time!
  • Time to Focus – Camping, and some time out and away from distractions will allow you to focus on what is important to you – changes you might need to make, things you might reflect on, or past events to heal from – this is your time!
Camping Benefits Body Mind & Soul

Here are the booking links for some spaces for this summer: Experience Mindfulness, Adventure, Community, Sharing and Nature Connection in a save space of like-hearted women!

14th May Overnight Retreat

Midsummer Overnight Retreat 11th June

30th July Summer Overnight Retreat

13th August – Forestbathing Overnight Retreat

Indian Summer Sount Overnight Retreat 10th Sept

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