5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before starting WanderWomen

  1. There is so much behind the scenes work to putting on events than people realise. I love spending a lot of time outside, researching, location scouting, foraging food and wood in preparation for trips, outdoor meetings, the actual running of the experiences, etc. However, essential business activities like administration, social media, marketing, networking and business building is desk-based work. Work that consumers don’t necessarily see. It’s finding the balance, and being strict and disciplined with your own time to avoid burn out: It’s tricky, but oh so neccesary!

2. Putting a price on something you are passionate about is hard! Enough said. But valuing time, effort, and passionate sharing is where selfcare, self respect and self worth meets business.

3. Stay true to yourself and you will attract the right people. Obviously, not everyone will love what you do. And that’s fine. As long as you do what you do without copying anyone else, and staying true to your values and vision, the right people will come to you. Creating a vision board is what led me to WanderWomen, by the way. I sat down with inspiring music, a candle, lots of magazines, scissors and glue and started cutting, intuitively, words, pictures and all that was speaking to me subconsciously. Without thinking too much about it. And this was the result: A few months passed before I figured out how to make my vision a reality!

4. People are willing to support you. Take that support. Asking for help, taking advice, being vulnerable is all part of running a business. And people are kind, and will help you out. If they like you, they will enjoy being asked for their expertise, resources, and involvement. Cherish that.

5. Collaborations and working with people towards one goal is the way forward. Working on your own is hard. Surrounding yourself with like-hearted people, communicating what it is that you want to achieve, expressing your vision and sharing the load is the way to go.

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