Mindful Sea Swimming Coaching

Inquiries like these land in my Inbox regularly:

“I am super-keen to try out sea swimming, and I don’t know where to start – will you help me and hold my hand?”

“I have social anxiety, but really would like to give sea swimming a go. I am too anxious to come on your group experiences, but feel drawn to the sea and don’t want to go on my own!”

“My husband has burn out – will you please introduce him to sea-swimming, I am positive that it will help him, I can’t sea swim for health reasons, but used to, so I know how good it is for body and mind!”

And YES – I will take you. I will prepare you, mentally and physically, before leading you into the sea, I will push you just outside of your comfort zone and make sure you are comfortable with the uncomfort, because that’s where growth happens!

This offer is on all year around: We will agree a time to suit your schedule, I will look out the best tide, I will make sure you get warm again quickly afterwards, I will have a hot cuppa ready for you

Come and feel happy, feel free and glad to be alive!

£20 for a one-off, or £90 for 5 sessions (times to be booked at the start).

Women and Men welcome for these individual sessions.

Get in touch to discuss your needs, and plan your session together – You are stronger than you think!

Email: anna@wander-women.co.uk

Phone: 07816188615

Photo: Jo Tennant Photographs

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