Corporate Wellbeing

Looking After Your Team’s Physical &Mental Wellbeing

Do your team members work remotely? Is blended working your company’s style? Maybe your team feel undervalued, overworked, de-motivated and fatigued? Have some of the team not met each other in real life?

Are you as an employer looking to give back to your teams & increase motivation and productivity?

Then look no further – WanderWomen has the solution!

Gather your team outside!

WanderWomen – Where Business Meets Mindfulness & Adventure

Connect your team, gather your people outdoors, give them permission for a break from screens, head into nature, to let genuine face-to-face exchang happen, away from expectations, to do lists and computer screens!

Zoom fatigue, bad postural habits, disconnection and lack of movement (and Vit D) is real!

WanderWomen has the answer to how you can support your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

If you pride yourself in looking after your team’s wellbeing, further strengthen your offerings with a Day Out in Nature, in a unique mix of mindfulness and adventure.

Why Chose WanderWomen Experiences?

It heightens productivity.

Creates a sense of belonging.

Improves interpersonal relationships.

Improves Health & Wellbeing of the individuals,

Strenghtens Team Spirit.


“Anna is wonderful and intuitive in helping others. She led me on a fantastic hike and meditation that simply put allowed me the space to work out some big ideas. I felt safe, encouraged, and inspired all the way to a dip in the sea.” (Sara)

“Lovely restful and mindful woodland experience last week. It was good to be in the company of strangers but all connected by being there together for the same reasons.” (Sue)

“Thank you for a beautiful and mindful walk. It was so lovely to have a space where we could connect with other like-minded people and bask in nature. Anna is great at bringing everyone together and the activities were really enjoyable.” (Jade)

Read More testimonials here.

Treat Your Team To Some Time Out

Send your team on an experience to remember with the award-nominated, well-reputed, one and only Eco-therapy focussed business in Edinburgh, WanderWomen, to reflect positively on your business and focus on Corporate Wellbeing. Addressing common issues like mental health, physical health, social wellbeing and productivity.

Mixed groups welcome, up to 10 people per session.

Locations to choose from: Holyrood Park, Portobello Beach, East Lothian (various), Pentlands, Scottish Borders, Fife.

Activities might include (depending on locations), but not exclusive:

Silent reflection, Meditation, Movement Play, Team Exercises, FireMaking, SeaSwimming, ForestBathing, Nature Connection, Mindfulness, Nature Art, Breathing Exercises, Sharing Circles, etc.

First Aid/Mental Health First Aid, Professional Indemnity & Public Liability covered.

Food & Drink can be included.

Initial ONE OFF investment:

90min-2hours – starting at £500

3-4hrs – starting at £800

Charity Discounts available.

Book 5 sessions, get the 6th for FREE.

To further discuss working together, email [email protected], or phone 07816188615

Also available: Corporate Connection Days – One Off/Semi regularly) or Staff Wellbeing Wanders (Weekly/Monthly Programme)

Treat your Staff – the shared experience will be worth the investment. Look after your staff.

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