Let me hold your hand!

I get inquiries through my social media regularly asking whether I’d take people into the sea: You are keen to try it out. You want to experience the sensations that the media kept going on and on about this past winter – it must be good for you. You would like to feel the benefits and see for yourself what it’s all about. You just don’t want to go by yourself, understandably! You are being so brave: reaching out when the sea temperatures are at it’s coldest.

And off course I will take you – I go into the sea most days, and I like sharing the joys of seaswimming with you, introducing you to the crazy waves, or the wonderfully calm silk-like water with all it’s reflections and light being mirrored in it’s surface.

I won’t pretend that I find it easy because I expose myself to the salty wet elements often. I find it just as hard as you. The only difference is that I know what it feels like when we come out of the water. Just you wait and see for yourself, what feeling invincible, what feeling on top of the world feels like. It’s like you grow a really thick skin, and nothing can hurt you. Once you have felt that way, you will want to go again, and again, and again! That’s when you turn into a mermaid, a selkie: a human, answering the call of the sea.

I love that you trust me to hold your hand walking into the sea slowly. I love that we resist the cold together as long as we can, on tiptoes and with hunched shoulders, to swear and scream with you as we submerge into the water fully, to laugh ecstatically once we have caught our breath again after the initial shock. And to high five each other once we are drying off afterwards.

The good news is, you are a mermaid now, and I know I will see you again and again!

Give it a go. On a WanderWomen experience or on an impromptu swim to fit around your busy schedule. Just get in touch!

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