How carrying a rucksack is being kind to your body

You might well know that some body pain is caused by habitual body postures. Mostly this comes down to having a stronger side, which leads to habits that over time might damage our body. Examples are: crossing your legs one way but not the other, carrying small children on one hip, but not the other, sleeping on one side more or slouching on the sofa in an unaltered position.

This is why your yoga teacher talks about alignment and encourages you to do some poses on both sides. Yes, some poses – just like your habitual body postures – are easier on your stronger side! Even more of a reason to challenge both, your left and your right of the body equally!

Carrying bags and heavy loads are no different. I noticed myself many years ago that carrying a shoulder bag caused chronic shoulder pain. Swapping to carrying rucksacks only has made a big difference, as the weight on my back gets distributed evenly and better. Having a rucksack on your back has the advantage of being much more comfortable than carrying a shoulder bag, too, never mind it giving you much more stability!

It’s not rare that women come to a WanderWomen experience with shoulderbags, rather than rucksacks, and I would like to encourage you all to be kinder to your body, and to look out a day pack for more practicality: Not just does it give you more mobility while your hands are needed (eg when scrambling over rocks), but it also lets you pick up beach treasures and flowers much easier.

Be kind to your body and carry a rucksack!

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