Goddess Affirmations

Blessings to you, devine Being!

These specific affirmations are channelled with purpose to ignite the divine feminine energy within.

You are now being empowered to fully embody your goddess assets.

Here you may tap into your frequency and adopt these affirmations as the truth to your reality.

This is your reminder.

May you remember –

I am a beautiful, powerful, expression of feminine energy.

I am strong, yet graceful.

I am gentle, yet fierce.

I use my force for good.

I am nurturing, I am loving.

I am fully self sufficient.

I am a queen of creation.

I embody my energy.

I ignite my ancient wisdom.

 I remember.

I embody my energy.

I am infinite.

I am the flow of the ocean.

I am the alchemy of fire.

I am the grounding of earth – I am the force of wind.

I am the unconditional, forgiving, transformative nature of mother Gaya.

I am extension of cosmic creation.

My feminine power creates worlds.

I embrace my sensual energy, and express myself with confidence.

I allow myself to give and receive pleasure.

My ecstasy is a manifesting force.

I awaken my intuitive self.

I feel, think and act from a clear and conscious space.

My energies are balanced and aligned.

My chakras are open and balanced in perfect harmony.

I am secure, stable and grounded.

I am creative and nurturing.

I am powerful and confident.

I am loving and compassionate.

I speak my truth, my voice has power.

I see beyond the veils of this realm.

I am a divine channel and vessel of source.

I effortlessly create beautiful, effortless masterpieces as my reality.

I release any judgements or projections of others and express myself fully and authentically.

I honour myself in all stages.

I accept myself in all phases.

I love myself as a divine beautiful reflection of the feminine energy that creates and circulates our existence. 
I love my heart.

I love my soul.

I love my body.

I love my face.

I love my hair.

I love my eyes.

I love my hands my feet, my arms, legs and toes.

I love and worship my womb.

I love and celebrate all parts of my being.

I am so grateful to have a human vessel.

I am so grateful to be a woman.

I am so grateful for my own cycles of death and rebirth.

I am so grateful to physically shed every month.

I am so grateful to let go of what no longer serves me.

I surrender to the flow.

I am so grateful to be strong and graceful and full of light.

I am grateful to be me.

I vow to honour my being and vessel as a manifestation of divine creation.

I am the divine feminine in form.

I vow to reflect this knowing in every one of my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I am pure.

I am holy.

I am perfect.

I am a being of angelic, ultraviolet light.

I am my happiest, most beautiful, most loving, most caring, most successful, most abundant version of myself, I am so grateful to embody this in totality as it is.

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