2020 – Best Memories

WanderWomen’s top 9 photos – let me talk you through these great memories of 2020…

2020 – Best 9

The Wild WanderWomen Wreath

As you know, we love all things round and beautiful…This wreath was made under the facilitation of florist @floweryfee at our popular collaboration – we will be back in 2021 with more nature craft and florestry events!

This wreath was given to @clear_water_therapy in a Wild WanderWomen Wreath Giveaway.

Advent Swim and Wreaths

Thanks to local photographer Archie who is always out to get a perfect shot of special moments, this was on the 1st of Advent, after our Wreath Making Collaboration with @floweryfee.

This prompts me to say thank you to all the wonderful collaborators this year, their flexibility, adaptability and awesomeness! Sally @seilich_botanicals, Judith @Edinburghforage, @prestonhallestate @Archerfieldwalledgarden, @sarahphilpcoaching, @juliecluleyhelps, and others.

“Pink Seaglass Square” and “Curlew Beach Art”

These were part of the 100 Day Project #100daysproject which I started on the first Day of Lockdown in March 2020, and it ended up being a community project with mandalas being made all over the world, by the WanderWomen community.

This project helped brighten up the Lockdown time and got us all out and appreciate nature and the little things in life!

Thank you, wonderful community!

Selfies – two of my happy faces

Both taken shortly after lockdown, when I restarted WanderWomen experiences stronger and more needed than ever before.

Thanks to the pandemic and lockdown, for teaching everyone who didn’t already know it, that nature really does help with wellbeing, be it physically or mentally!

Thank you, freedom to work!

Foraging for wood

This photo by @AnnaDeaconphotography featured in a tree related article in the @TheGuardian this autumn to promote the new book @treestoriesuk.

Super chuffed to have my favourite wild spot and a bit of my writing shared that way!

Thank you to all the podcasts, interviews,, newspapers and magazine features this year, along with 2 Award Shortlists. @Prompted.by.nature @when_Stillwaters_speak @every_treasure_blog, Changing Conversations, @practicalalchemist, @Jeanmariewest @thetimes @holisticscotlandmag @creativeedinburgh @Thatstv @ZDFmediathek @lisapascoe-uk @womenbeingmag @mellis_schottland_abenteuer @amyiona.photo and others.

Women walking into the sea, holding hands...

@Emily_MacInnes took this photo in Nov 2019.

I shared it after lockdown and its significance of holding hands, when we are not meant to do this simple connective gesture with anyone outside of our household, is symbolic for the community that was born out of WanderWomen – the holding of each other.

The sea has also had increased attention during lockdown, with it being a safe space, and providing the best therapy for EVERYTHING, and the cheapest drug to get us through this year and anyhting this life throws at us.

Last but not least, one of my favourite moments of 2020 –

Athena from California and Evelyn from Louisiana. Sisters.

They had never met before, but found each other on the Internet 9 years ago and booked a spontaneous trip to Edinburgh to finally meet.

They booked a Mindful Seaswim experience with me in January. I witnessed 2 sisters, mothers, daughters meeting each other for the first time.

A crazy but wonderful story of separation, family drama, humility and connection.

I love the stories I hear and connections I get to witness. Love that it all happens in real life, away from screens. I love what I do. Thank you 2020, despite it all.

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