You Matter

At WanderWomen, we know how hard it is sometimes to join one of our experiences or adventures.

It’s a huge step to turn up to a group of strangers, where you are not sure what to expect: you make yourself vulnerable as an individual, and have to be brave to commit to some selfcare and head space, and spend time with other people as part of it. We hear you. 

We know it causes fears, stresses and anxieties in some of you, and still: you turn up anyway. Thank you!

WanderWomen experiences are designed to respect your needs, you won’t be pushed to do small talk with strangers, you are allowed to stay silent, and to take up as little or as much space as you like, share what you want, and take what you need.

WanderWomen respects you – all of that you are. We listen, we encourage, we love you.
Thank you for coming along as strangers, and for empowering each other, and leaving with a handful of new friends, inspired, happy to be alive, and having pushed your comfort zones a little or a lot. 

You are in the right place. You are enough.

If you want to chat through anything before coming along, that’s ok!

Just call 07816188615 or drop us a line – [email protected]

Photo: Jo Tennant Photographs

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