You are not alone!

Worried about signing up to a WanderWomen experience on your own?

Of course it’s nice coming on a trip like this with your bestie, or with your mum, and use it as quality time and catch-up time. WanderWomen experiences are great for that!

However, what I find really touching is how new friendships develop on WanderWomen trips. Women, who have never met each other before, come together in silence, share seaswimming and mindfulness, and food, and make the most beautiful connections with each other.

It really feels special to see what develops from shared experiences. You come along as an individual, but at the end of the day, there is a beautiful team spirit, friendship and cameradery between those individuals, carrying their shared adventure into their lives, staying in touch and letting the experience inspire further adventures. This is how this WanderWomen community grows.

Thank you for being brave in the first place, for coming with an open heart and connecting with yourself, your surrounds and those around you – with WanderWomen you will never be alone.

Give it a go – Half Day Escapes, Full Day Aventures and Overnight Retreats can now be booked here:

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