Why I love what I do

Beautiful Strangers. Deep connections. Shared vulnerability. Accessible adventure. Open-hearted stories. Communal shivers after a sea swim. Setting intentions. Satisfying exhaustion. Embracing rituals. Welcoming seasons. Going with the flow. Sandy feet. Salty skin. Windswept hair. Bobble hats. Inner calm. Inner Beauty. At one with nature. Stunning landscapes. Day dreaming. Cloudgazing. Connecting memories. Sharing Adventure. Tree hugging. Supportive groups. Loving individuals. Collective stripping of layers. Solitudal moments. Holding of space. Space to bring your all. Space to feel it all. Roars. Laughter. Tears. Healing. Hugs. Disconnection in order to connect. Gently pushed boundaries of comfort zones. Acceptable challenges. Growth. Renewed energy. Beautiful creation.


Soon we will be able to share all this again, with a few tiny adjustments and lots of new learning and input.

WanderWomen experiences will start off again soon after lockdown has been lifted – in small groups of friends and family to start of with. Bookings are now open for half day or full day experiences, as well as overnight retreats until September.

1:1 experiences are available, too.

Drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call on 07816188615.

Photo: Emily MacInnes

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