WanderWomen: May Day Dawn Swim

May Day is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring Festival and a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities.

Where I am from, “us witches” would fly on our broomsticks to the local highest mountain, to dance around a bonfire all night, singing and dancing.

This pagan fire festival goes back to pre-Christian times – originating with Baal in Phoenicia, was supposed to encourage the crops to grow. There has been a holiday at the start of May in many parts of Scotland for centuries, too. Young girls would also rise early to wash their faces in the May dew.

I am all for mixing traditions and making our own new traditions, so I am inviting you to swim into the fresh morning dawn at Portobello beach on the first of May.

Pop down at 5.30am, let’s enjoy the sunrise, a sea swim, strong coffee from a flask. I will bring cake.

Be back home by 7.30am, ready to take on the day all refreshed, feeling alive and ready for anything!

Come join me. Bring lots of layers, swim gear and towel, flasks of hot drinks, and a breakfast snack! Meet by The Beach House at 5.30am!

Book you FREE ticket now.

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