Use Nature To Find Yourself

When did you last take some time to just sit in nature? To notice the trees around you whispering to each other, overhearing the birds’ conversations, seeing the seemingly still ground start to move and crawl around you, feeling your head becoming clearer, your body calmer and your breathing slower? Just sitting, with no one disturbing you, being present, witnessing the world go by quietly, and getting absorbed fully in the elements, with nothing to rush back to, and no-one disturbing you, but taking your time instead, to be fully present, noticing little things, noticing the changes in the weather and in the light. Just being. Outside.

Nature can be very powerful in our lives. To me, nature is not only calming, but fills me up with positivity and rejuvenating thoughts, where there might have been negative feelings before.

I often find myself getting really unsettled during the winter months, because I have not spent enough time outside: Nature is a place in which I can connect to my innermost feelings and passions, and can also listen fully to my heart. Do you feel that?

Then come out with me on a WanderWomen trip, where, within the safety net of like-minded women, we will carve out some YOU time! At the beach, in the woods, or wherever our paths might lead us.

WanderWomen is about giving yourself space to be you: To find time to reflect, to be mindful, to listen to your heart, gain clarity in mind and to live in the precious moment.

During our mindfulness exercises and meditation, it’s all about you: you decide how you want to use that time, how you want to shape your relationship with yourself and the surrounding nature:

Whether it is walking barefoot along the soft sands of the beach, or letting the gentle waves wash over your feet. No one will make you go to the extreme of diving into the sea, but it is an option. You might prefer collecting natural objects to create art from it, drawing in the sand, or you might enjoy sitting under a tree and soaking up the grounding energy. There will be space for journaling, daydreaming and so much more.

Upcoming opportunities to make memories are:

Half Day Escape: Coastal Sunrise Discovery on the 9th February: 1 space left, make sure it’s yours!  

Half Day Escape: In Search of Light & Life on the 24th February: Sold out.

Fresh Air Fridays (short Beginners sessions) on 4 Friday mornings in March: 5 spaces left.

Full Day Adventure: Spring Awakening on the 24th March – 4 tickets left.

New WanderWomen trips will be released in February, so look out for an April trip, and from May: Overnight Retreats (summer time weekend trips), where you get the chance to do get away for the night, enjoy the outdoors from sunrise to sunset, and sleep in your private tent (provided by WanderWomen), surrounded by a group of like-minded women, who you share food, stories and deep conversations with, but you will also get YOU-time.

So watch this space and get booked – tickets sell quick.

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