Spring Renewal Meditation

With Spring manifesting itself right here and right now, let’s focus on this season’s sense of renewal and personal improvement.

Make yourself comfortable in a seated position and allow your body to become calm and comfortable on the natural ground below you.

Make sure you are warm enough and close your eyes now, and begin to pay attention to how your breath flows in and out of your body.

Doesn’t it feel so wonderful and calming? As your exhale, imagine exhaling everything that happened during the past week, or during the day up til now.

You are right here now, in this little shelter, with a wide open view and space to be – take up as much space as you like. you are safe here.

Imagine breathing in peacefulness. Visualize little bubbles of air containing relaxation and calm traveling to all parts of your body and filling it up completely.

You feel so calm and peaceful and relaxed right now. Spring is on its way – we see it all around us.

This new and fresh season is a good time to make room for new wonderful things to happen in your life.

Remember that you are growing and changing each day! Every season brings a new you.

Think about how during the winter months certain flowers disappear, only to come back to life stronger during the spring time. Imagine yourself now being a flower, ready to sprout from the flower bulb.

You’ve been hibernating all winter in a warm cozy shelter snuggled in the earth. The earth has protected you all through the frosty, cold wintery months.

Now, as spring approaches, the rains fall from the heavens and you soak up the water completely. It renews you and gently wakes you up. Notice how you look forward to feeling the beautiful warmth of the sun once again.

Now you break through the bulb and start to grow into the beautiful, bright, proud flower that you are becoming.

This is much like all of life. We choose new goals or things to strive for, and work towards those, which makes us feel amazing and good each and every day.

We always strive to show the best in ourselves and to be the best we can possibly be. Think about something new that you’d like to do or achieve, or something you’d like to improve upon in your life right now. What is it that you’d like to be able to do better?

Focus on that for a moment now and imagine yourself growing and learning and becoming better at that exact thing. See yourself being perfect at whatever it is that you wish to do.

See it in your mind as already being real and true. See all the colors and everyone who loves you surrounding you and cheering you on. You’re so proud of yourself and everyone else is proud of all you have accomplished. Feel your heart welling up because of your achievement.

This is what you set your mind to, what you focused on. Because of your focus and your effort to improve yourself each and every day and because you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you have made it happen!

Just as a flower comes back stronger each and every spring, you do, too. You’ve done a beautiful job relaxing and imagining today.

Stay with your eyes closed for a few more moments, and When you’re ready, start moving your body again, roll your shoulders, do a big stretch and open your eyes.

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