Rice Salad inspired by Henderson’s

This rice salad is inspired by my favourite vegan restaurant in Edinburgh, Henderson’s, which sadly is no longer, since the Corona Lockdown. Our family all love this salad, as lunches, picnic or as a side dish. It is easily variable with other veg, fruit and nuts/seeds and herbs, too!


225g wholegrain rice

50g of each, peppers, carrots and courgettes

30ml soy sauce

15ml olive oil

Freshly milled black pepper

small pinch of salt


Cool rice in pan of boiling water, lightly salted, until al dente.

Dice the vegetables fairly small (either raw or slightly sauteed)

Once the rice is cooked, place in a generous serving dish, add the seasoning, soy, vegetables and oil to taste.

Leave for 20mins to absorb flavours, keep chilled until 10mins before serving.


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