Personal Growth at WanderWomen events

One of my motivations for setting up WanderWomen was a 3 day long hike along the West Highland Way 5 years ago, with 3 friends.

I enjoyed the company, chats, and comfort of the group, but I also enjoyed walking in silence, with my own thoughts, not having to worry to make chit chat that it wasn’t the right time for.

This variation of “travelling” together was perfect for me. It was a happy place in my mind that I wanted to share –

to create space for the individual, but to be held in a group at the same time.

Space for personal reflection, time away from everyday pressures, to do lists, screens and pings, but also that connection at the same time, the conversations with like-minded people that create inspirations, a sense of wellbeing, a sense of belonging, the sharing and listening.

I think that’s where personal growth happens. In that balance of silence and exchange.

That’s part of the magic that happens at WanderWomen events.

Why not come along and witness and enjoy it for yourself?

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image by Emily MacInnes

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