Overnight Retreat Testimonial

“I’m incredibly passionate about the environment and I’m learning a lot about the loss of biodiversity so I’ve been trying hard to reduce my impact, but the actions of others (collective) makes me feel frustrated and hopeless. This trip gave me the opportunity to get back into nature again, with the bonus of being with a small group of fantastic, like-minded women – all with unique stories to tell. The break from city life and technology left me feeling rejuvenated and re-inspired by the wonders of nature. It has given me the confidence to get back outdoors, and has actually made me feel a lot more hopeful about the future of the planet.

I honestly thought it was the most magical weekend, a very surreal experience. I feel almost sad for those that don’t get the same opportunity to experience it, and would 100% recommend for people needing a break away from modern life…

Reconnecting with nature has reminded me that we are very much part of it, and it has given me perspective – particularly around things I struggle with (body image, self doubt etc). I feel much more “rooted” and confident. It has also given me hope that nature is thriving, and will continue to do so if we allow it.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for the experience you’ve given me, and the other women on the trip. You are incredible and inspiring. And I really hope our paths cross again soon too! We will certainly look at some of your other sessions.

The two barriers that almost prevented me were;

  • self consciousness about being in a group with “strangers” – I’ve been wanting to join one of your sessions for such a long time but was nervous about doing it alone. I was so pleased that my like-minded friend was also very keen and it was much needed for her too. Having her support made it a lot easier to fully participate and open up.
  • cost: we felt we could possibly do a break away ourselves a lot more most effectively, even in a luxurious hotel room! However.. we were both desperate to get outdoors and felt this had a lot more to offer. On reflection, we can see what we’re really paying for is the value that you add Anna. Yes we could have camped ourselves in the woods, had a nice walk etc. But the way it was facilitated, and all all extra touches you put in, made it into an unforgettable experience. It was essentially group therapy! But you really invested in us all, and our individual challenges we brought with us. ” (H.)

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