After the WanderWomen experience I felt refreshed, alive, like I had found something to connect me in ways I was so hungry for and really missing. (It was such a great time for me, thank you!)

Before the event I was quite stressed and had been annoyed at not finding much time for myself.

Handing over trust to someone else – it was so freeing, I didn’t have to think too much about what was happening or about to happen (In my relationship with my partner I am usually the planner and organiser, knowing everything in advance when I can, so to hand myself over to you and trust in you was a welcome challenge) I got to just be in the moment. 

I felt so good. I felt happy and wide awake and content to sleep afterwards. I felt like I had achieved something. So many things: Enjoyment. Joy. I needed this for so long and I am determined not to go long without another opportunity. 

Thank you so much again, I had so much fun, I am sure I will see you on another!

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