Frozen Beauty: Suncatchers & Ice Lanterns

We might be a frosty night or two away from snow melting and Spring arriving, so it’s time to share some fun ice crafts for you.

First, I would like to tell you how to make a frozen Suncatcher.

What you need is an empty yoghurt pot, or similar, some water, anything natural that catches your eye – think colours, textures, blossoms, stones, shells – you name it, and a frosty night!

Pop your eye-catching objects at the bottom of the yoghurt pot and fill the pot with around 1cm of water, to just cover the object(s). Add the 2 ends of a piece of string to the water, if you’d like to hang your ornament the following day. Any strong string or ribbon will do.

Keep the yoghurt pot and its contents outside for the night, ideally somewhere away from snow, leave it covered under a bush, or behind/inside a shed. Temperatures must drop below zero for this to work!

Enjoy your piece of nature art the following day, hang it on a tree, or a fence, just make sure to keep it outside!

The second craft I would like to share with you is an ice lantern. For that, you need a bucket, a bowl, or similar. Into the middle of it put a cup (without a handle!), and weigh it down with a stone. Let some water into the bucket, or bowl (and around the cup), and put it outside overnight – again, you need a frosty night.

Once it is frozen solid the next day, carefully tip the ice out of the bucket/bowl and remove the cup – you might need some warm water to thaw out the edges.

Ice Lanterns

Put a candle where the cup was – inside the ice, and leave it in your drive or front garden to cheer up passers-by with the warm, flickering light.

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