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Let’s talk about food! I love food.

I know that you love what I make, bake, prepare and cook for you on WanderWomen trips. You have been super kind in your feedback, have complimented me and asked for recipes of cakes, bakes and all the vegetarian and vegan treats I make to feed your bodies and your souls. And I love feeding you. I enjoy sharing foods with you – it’s such a lovely communal thing to do. I also like the fact of me providing food means that you can relax right from the start, and come along without much of your own preparation!

I love food, and I really like eating with you. Eating is joy and sharing is love.


However, times have moved on since we last shared food without a care in the world, without desinfectants, without the threat of a virus.

The concept of WanderWomen will largely remain the same with social distancing outdoors being easy, and with a few tweaks to the Policy, we can work it. However, I am struggling how to go forward with food.

In these new times, I am very aware of all the different levels of anxiety and fear around food safety and infection control. All of us will be some kind of nervous around sharing foods with strangers. It’s not a secret.

Beetroot humous

As I am restarting the business, this has got me thinking. A lot.

What might the way forward be? How can I be a responsible business owner, how can I show the right amount of empathy and make everyone feel comfortable when it comes to eating?

There is no quick answer. So I am asking you to bear with me while I figure out what can happen in the long run.

In the short term, I will trial snack goodie bags, BYOLunches, packaged food BBQs, and invite conversations around food, comfort zones and sharing.

Because what might have been comfortable before, has changed. Comfort has got a different meaning than it had at the beginning of 2020. Maybe you are more comfortable making your own food and knowing what you are consuming, rather than sharing food with other women.

As hygiene, food safety and your comfort and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do, I considered single packaged food, but as most of you know that doesn’t sit right with the ethos of WanderWomen: with the waste that is produced…We are all about reducing waste, and helping the planet that way!

While I figure out what the way forward might be, I vow to you to release one picnic recipe every week for you to try out, to bring along to a WanderWomen event, and share with family and friends as well! I have a few favourites of mine lined up, so watch this space – all my food offerings can be found here.

Let me provide you with further picnic food ideas, and inspire you in the short run. That’ a promise.

I look forward to wandering with you soon!

All events can be booked via Eventbrite or here.

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